Getting Help

I need to talk to someone

We understand that sometimes you just need to speak to someone who can listen and guide you through this difficult time. HealthServe has a team of counsellors and psychiatrists that are ready to listen and speak to you.

You can sign up for free counselling sessions with us by calling this hotline +65 3157 4460and leaving your name and message.

Our counsellors will call you back at the number you have called with.

Alternatively, you can make an appointment through the form below.

Sign up below for your free counselling appointment

Our Solidarity Wall

Sometimes hearing what others are going through and listening or reading words of encouragement can give you strength to fight through another day.

That’s why we’ve started the Solidarity Wall where you can read and post encouraging messages to each other during this time.

All posts are moderated and have to be approved before going up.