HealthServe Services

HealthServe seeks to help migrant workers directly and hopefully through their employers. We aim to be a bridge to help resolve issues amicably if possible and help employers reach out to their employees through meaningful interactions and mutually beneficial communications.

Migrant Worker Support

HealthServe provides a range of services for migrant workers to help them through difficult periods when they have injury or salary cases.

General Services:

  • Food programme – free culturally relevant meals at our restaurant partners
  • Events, Activities and Outings
  • Help desk queries and advisories
  • Medical and Dental Clinic

Specific Services:

  • Casework services – We can help follow up with your case
  • Counselling services
  • Rehabilitation Services
  • Top Ups and Financial Assistance
  • Group work sessions
  • Specialist Referrals
  • Hospital Appointments – We can accompany you to the hospital if you need language and moral support
  • Hospital / Nursing Home Visitations
  • Drop-In centres – for community interaction and free wifi to connect with your families back home.

Due to the circuit breaker measures, all our drop-in centres are closed. However we are still able to help you if you are not able to obtain support from your employer and require help to follow up with your case. Please call our hotline (+65 3157 4450)  and leave your name and number. Our caseworker will get back to you soon after.

Employer Support