I am sick, what should I do?

Do not hide your symptoms or go to work when you are unwell.

I stay in dorm. Where I go?

If you are in a purpose-built dormitory (if don’t know, click here), you will have a medical post at your dorm.

If you are in a factory converted dormitory, there are medical posts at foreign worker recreation centres. (*) (#)

12 mobile medical teams who will visit the factory converted dormitories with more cases.

Coming soon: Free transport for people in factory converted dormitories to go see doctor at medical post, Public Health Preparedness Clinics or Polyclinics. Your dormitory operators will have list of transport providers from MOM. All drivers wear PPE.

Some dorms may have the following:

1.Pulse oximeters to check breathing and heartbeat

2.Video call doctor from phone (if medical post close)

*Started at Kranji & Tuas South Recreation Centre. If tested positive, prepare to go somewhere else for treatment.

#Soon at Woodlands & Kaki Bukit Recreation Centres

I want to see doctor now. How?

I don't stay in dorm. How?

If you are not seriously unwell, you can see your company doctor, a general doctor or the Healthserve clinic.

If you are seeing a doctor, please inform your supervisor and avoid taking public transport when you are unwell.

I had to take a swab test

The doctor may do a swab test for you if he suspects you of having COVID.

Stay calm and do not panic.

You can find out more information here:


I was given an MC

You may be given MC if you are unwell, but the doctor thinks you have a low chance of having COVID.

You must stay at home and complete the MC. The Singapore government is very strict and will punish people who go out when they are given MC.

Wear a mask and avoid contact with your friends. Ask your boss how you can isolate yourself safely.

If you develop any new or worsening symptoms, please see the doctor again.

I am well, but I may have been in contact with an unwell person

Stay calm and do not panic.

Monitor your own symptoms and take your temperature twice daily. 

You can check your symptoms at the official symptom checker:

The government may contact you if contact tracing shows that you have been exposed to a confirmed case. Please assist in their investigations and listen to their advice.

The government will not ask you for money or bank details.