Dorm with more cases will have on-site community care facilities (CCF).

CCF is a place for confirm COVID-19 patients who are not serious or little symptoms. After testing & confirm, you will move here immediately, not hospital. After CCF, you will go Community Recovery Facility (cannot infect people anymore).

Most patients will have mild symptoms, and do not need specific treatment.

They will have to be admitted to a government hospital or isolation facility while waiting to recover, to prevent infection of other people in Singapore.

They will be monitored for signs of serious disease and immediately treated if there is any worsening. 

They will be discharged after 2-3 weeks if they are well and 2 swab tests are negative.

Government do all this for you so you can be healthy and can start work.

Must I pay for COVID-19 test or treatment?

Covid-19 test is FREE for all people in Singapore if you are referred by a registered doctor.

Covid-19 hospitalisation is FREE for all long term pass (S-pass, Work permit) holders if you have been in Singapore since before 27 March 2020.

Isolation Zone

Everyone in Singapore, whether locals or foreign workers, should stay at home as much as possible to prevent virus transmission.

If you are in an isolation dormitory, it means that COVID cases are present there and you must stay indoors to protect yourself.

The government will take care of food and ensure you are paid.

The government will let you know when it is safe to come out.

5 Day MC

You may be given MC if you are unwell, but the doctor thinks you have a low chance of having COVID.

You must stay at home and complete the MC. The Singapore government is very strict and will punish people who go out when they are given MC.

Wear a mask and avoid contact with your friends. Ask your boss how you can isolate yourself safely.

If you develop any new or worsening symptoms, please see the doctor again.

After treatment, then what?

Some recovered workers will return to own dormitories to live with other healthy workers. Blocks inside dorm will be cleaned, disinfected and more safe distancing. Cannot go other blocks.

Some dormitory managers have to move people to different blocks. Please follow instructions so dormitory managers can help you better.

More testing and isolation at dormitories with not so high cases. This help everybody start work again safely.

For a short time you may be moved out to another living place, such as: floating accommodation, cruise ships, sports halls, or new dormitory they are building.