COVID-19 is diagnosed by a swab test

It is safe and will not harm the body.

Who will get tested?

You will have to do a swab test if the doctor suspects you have COVID-19. The test result takes 1 day.

You may have to stay in the hospital, depending on how sick you are, and the doctor’s examination.

If you are well, the doctor may discharge you home to wait for the result

Wear a mask and avoid contact with your friends. Ask your boss how you can isolate yourself safely.

Must I pay for COVID-19 test or treatment?

Covid-19 test is FREE for all people in Singapore if you are referred by a registered doctor.

Covid-19 hospitalisation is FREE for all long term pass (S-pass, Work permit) holders if you have been in Singapore since before 27 March 2020.

Positive result

If you have been tested positive, do not panic! 

The authorities will be there to assist you throughout the treatment process.

If tested positive, prepare to go somewhere else for treatment. HealthServe suggests to bring:

-Extra pair of clothes and underwear


-Bring your work pass/Special pass card

-Toothbrush or any other toiletries

-Phone and phone charger

-Personal items e.g. prayer mat/book etc…

negative result

Please continue to practice personal hygiene and follow the rules in the dormitory. Everyone in Singapore, whether locals or foreign workers, should stay at home as much as possible to prevent virus transmission

Monitor your own symptoms and take your temperature twice daily. 

See a doctor if you develop any new symptoms

You can check your symptoms at the official symptom checker: