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What happens after Circuit Breaker ends? (1 June)

After the circuit breaker ends on 1 June, you will still have to stay in your dorms until your employer and government gives you further information. If you have been tested negative, or the doctor has said you are healthy, you will be moved to a different location called the Blocks for Recovered Workers (BRW) or cleared dorms.

If you are in the BRW, and your employer has informed you that you can start work again, you will be able to leave your dorm but only for work and after work, you must return to your BRW. Your employer must provide you with private transport (Eg van, lorry or bus) to the workplace.

Phase 1: Safe Opening

Workers can only leave dorms for work via company transport; to remain in dorms on rest days

Employers to ensure workers have continued access to food & daily necessities

Phase 2: Safe Transition

Some workers may run errands outside dorms on rest days, but not all at once

You may leave dorms for up to 2 hrs or visit the Recreational Centre via dorm transport

Phase 3: Safe Nation

Staggered rest days to continue, but workers may leave dorms longer & visit more places on rest days

For those who have not been tested and you are inside a dormitory you will receive your meals and medical support through MOM’s new telehealth service or medical post on the ground.

Summary of MOM's Press Releases (May 2020)

After Circuit Breaker end June 1, workers how


  • The Inter-agency Task Force (ITF) is testing more workers and government say they will make sure you are safe from virus and can start work again.
  • Last time, ITF announce on 10 May that there are three different phases to take care of workers in dormitory
    • Phase 1: Safe Distancing
      • Essential workers move to other place so less crowded and moved workers get testing so can start work safely.
    • Phase 2: Medical support
      • On-site medical posts and mobile medical teams
      • Consultation with doctor using video
      • Emergency ambulance available
    • Phase 3:Recovery Phase
      • Slowly recovered workers can go back work
      • New ways to monitor health of workers

Safe working

  • Each sector  have specific actions make sure it is COVID safe.
  • For construction sector, Building and Construction Authority (BCA) has a Covid-Safe Restart Criteria for construction work to start.

Safe Living

  • The ITF said they will have some Blocks for Recovered Workers (BRW) in dorms. These blocks for workers who have no more covid and can go back to dormitory.

Tight control of entry & exit

  • BRWs* different from other blocks in dorm. Exit and Entry to the BRW will be controlled.
  • Workers in the BRWs can only go out for work and must immediately come back after work.
  • When situation get better, maybe government can allow workers from BRW to go out for non-work reasons. But everyone must still follow safe-distance rule like other Singaporeans. Cannot go out and meet in group. Some popular areas will only allow less number of people to go. Government will announce soon.

*BRW = blocks for workers who have no more covid and can go back to dormitory.

Limit intermixing of workers

  • Dorm operators have to make sure workers don’t mix with other workers so that virus don’t spread
  • Dorm operator need to have barrier and specific route to common areas and entrances. In each block, workers have to stay in same level and room. Cannot go other level. Inside shared toilet, only some showers, wash basins and toilets will have marking for worker in same room to use. When can start cooking, can only use specific stoves in common kitchen only for your room people.
  • When leaving dorm for work and coming back, there will be special area for waiting. The pick-up and drop-off times will also be staggered.
  • Minimarts, canteens and shops in the dorms will also have contact-less ordering. Can use call, SMS or online order. Workers will have specific time to use common areas like kitchen or outdoor recreational area.

Remaining vigilant

  • Residents will continue to be tested. Everyday need to report temperature, oxygen level and heart rate. If not well, government say you will get medical help inside dorm or from nearby medical post or from tele-kiosks. The medical services is for all problems, not only COVID related problems.
  • If someone get covid-positive, the workers he meet will be isolated or quarantined in same place or move to community isolation facility. They will continue testing everyone so that virus can stop spreading.

Contact Tracing

  • From 1st June, everyone inside dorm need to download TraceTogether mobile app
  • When you download, you help the government during contact tracing if infection happen.
  • You can download app here (Android & iOS):

Outside dorm

Stay Home Notice (SHN) Period

  • SHN ended on 18 May 2020 for Work Permit and S-Pass holders in construction sector and their dependents. But current circuit breaker measures continue and everyone must continue to stay at home and only go out for essential services or urgent medical help.
  • If you do not follow the circuit breaker conditions, your Work Permit, S-Pass or Dependent Pass will be cancelled


  • On public transport, must wear mask and cannot talk to other people or talk on phone. Must maintain hygiene.

Contact Tracing

  • From 1st June, all Work Permit & S-Pass holders in Construction, Marine and Process Sectors, need to download TraceTogether mobile app
  • When you download, you help the government during contact tracing if infection happen.
  • You can download app here (Android & iOS):

I need to see doctor. Urgent

*NEW* Medical Care

  • MOM create new mobile app called “FWMOMCare”.

  • All workers (work permit and S-pass) encouraged to download and register on the app

  • Can use the app to:

    • Record temperature one day, two times

    • If have cough, sore throat, runny nose or shortness of breath, write in the app. Doctor will contact you within 30 minutes via video call

  • You can download app here: Android (, iOS (

Now Boss ask me go work, how?

Summary of BCA’s Update

  • Slowly construction work can start again in phases to make sure covid don’t spread again (eg. MRT / Deep Tunnel Sewerage System Tunneling, deep excavation works, bridge construction and works at precast manufacturing plants)
  • All approved work sites must have these safety measures:
  • COVID-Safe Workforce
      • All workers must download Trace Together App by 1 June or when companies apply to start work, whichever come first
      • Employers need to check your health daily and manage social interaction on off-day.
      • You will have regular swab tests (even if you work on or off-site)
        • Before starting work: Swab Test = Negative
        • After starting work: Swab Test = every 2 week, one time
        • Started working during Circuit Breaker: Continue working but must take Swab Test by 15 June
  • COVID-Safe Worksite
    • SafeEntry (NRIC version) to record entry/ exit
    • Safe measures to prevent COVID spread eg. divide into teams to work at different zones, divide break time etc.
  • COVID-Safe Worker (Accommodation & Transport)
    • Separate workers by projects at accommodation
    • Transport provided between work and where you stay (if not staying onsite). Remember to wear mask and cannot talk to other people. 
  • All workers need to take “COVID-Safe Training for Workers”

Daily COVID-19 Update From HealthServe

Dear migrant friends,

Singapore announced yesterday 623 new cases of which 558 were from your dormitories and 37 are our migrant friends who live outside the dormitories.

The lower numbers compared to Thursday are encouraging but we are still early on in the outbreaks.

We in HealthServe recognise the stress and anxiety caused by the virus and the needed public health measures.

Understanding the situation and getting the right facts are important for emotional well-being and there are many videos and other materials on the HealthServe website ( that provide in Bengali, Tamil, Chinese and English information about the virus, what happens during the swab tests and how you can protect yourself and your friends from the virus.

We will also soon be uploading interviews with some of our migrant friends who have recovered from the virus and you can hear from them directly what the experience was like.

Beyond information, we all need encouragement during this difficult time and the ‘Solidarity Wall’ ( has been set up for friends from all over the world to leave messages of hope and strength for you. The wall is also for you to support each other and do share your writings, drawings, music and songs with everyone!

Finally, sometimes we just need someone to talk to and share our anxieties and concerns. HealthServe is setting up tele-support services for you to do this — stay tuned for more details.

Migrant friends, look after your body, and also look after your spirit. And remember to see a doctor early if you feel unwell.

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