I heard about something online! Is it true?

Be careful about false information! People may share information without checking if it is true.

Let me find out the true facts for you.

There has been no clear proof that pets or animals can spread COVID-19 currently.

Mosquitoes have not been shown to spread the COVID-19 disease.


However, mosquitoes can spread dengue which is also very dangerous and increasingly common!


Please continue to practice measures to avoid mosquito breeding and protect your health.

There is no evidence to show that COVID-19 can be spread by food. However do avoid eating together in large groups or sharing food or utensils.

Drinking hot water will not kill the virus but can scald your throat. Taking hot showers will not kill the virus but can burn your skin as well. Do wash your hands frequently and avoid touching your face that can spread the virus.

There are no traditional medications or food known to prevent COVID-19. Eating balanced healthy meals can help to boost your immunity to help you get well faster when ill and perhaps not turn too ill even if you catch COVID-19.

Antibiotics cannot treat COVID-19. If you are unwell, please see a doctor.

Chloroquine/malaria medicine cannot treat COVID-19. Do not self medicate as it can cause harm to your body. If you are unwell, please see a doctor.

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